Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Stig

Who is the Stig? In this blog post, I think we should take a look at some of the things we know about the Stig, and what this could mean. First though, 10 Stig Facts you may or may not know:
  • Some say he has no understanding of clouds.
  • Some say if he felt like it, he could fire Alan Sugar.
  • Some say he has webbed buttocks.
  • Some say that Chuck Norris is secretly afraid of him....
  • Some say his heart ticks like a watch.
  • Some say he is terrified of ducks.
  • Some say he has acid for blood.
  • Some say he was born in space.
  • Some say he has a small electrical fault that makes one of his eyes flicker.
  • Some say he uses race fuel instead of aftershave

Firstly, we know that he doesn't like Lewis Hamilton. We know this from the race across London episode. He picks up a copy of The Metro, sees the picture of Lewis Hamilton, and slams it down onto the seat

We also know he's not Jenson Button, since that was said in Top Gear magazine in the letters section for May's issue. And that's really about it.

You will find many claims to who the Stig is online - The most popular one is Nigel Mansell. But I can guarantee that these are false, because even I don't know who he is. Actually, the only two people in the world that do are dead. Perhaps we'll find out some day. Maybe soon, maybe not. But all we know is......

He's called the Stig

Oh, and just to clear something else up. isn't May.
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  1. I've heard that some say he is illiterate in 12 different languages.

  2. Some say he is actually Ken Livingstone!
    Others a fit Jezza!

  3. And who's to say you're the real hamster? :P

  4. Well, I guess it shall always remain a mystery :P

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  6. Some say he wears his helmet to bed.

  7. some things mere mortals should not know...!

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  9. My mum is the Stig and my dad is Darth Vader!

    So I'm quick at doing evil things on a circuit, apparently. But can ouly eat triangular shaped foods.

  10. Some say that he eats Bridgestone, and craps Yokohama.

  11. some say he sleeps on a manifold but wakes up in a phone booth. coincidence? i say no.

  12. If the two people who know his identity are dead, then it must be Chuck Norris. Now that I have revealed that, I am only seconds away from death by roundhouse kick, I am sure.

  13. I love not knowing who he is! It's all part of the fun!

  14. Own up Hammond. The Stig is your Dentist

  15. I once thought you were the Stig! Honestly!

  16. i want to know it kills me that we can not know, i was watching a really old TG and i saw his face throught the vizer, the next show it was mirrored not cool

  17. Is'nt the Stig James? :P

  18. I'd heard he was a Gurka. But then I saw Joanna Lumley's brilliant piece on BBC News and now I think The Stig is probably Joanna Lumley....

  19. some say he shaves his kiwi fruit before eating them with his weetbix

  20. If fiatpanda isn't James' twitter then what is it???

  21. rofl this blog n twitter accounts are made by fan
    y don ppl know how to have fun :p

  22. Dear Mr.Hammond
    Well.. this isnt really a comment, but it is the only way you might read this.
    I've just gone through the soundbook of 'On The Edge' and I felt that I just had to write you something. Even when knowing you most probably will never read this.

    Through the book, I laughed, I cried.. and I cried some more. There is a reason for why this story was so hard for me to hear.

    On christmas eve three years ago, my dad, a lorrie driver at the time, had a crash. A man in a small car had desided to end his life and used my dads truck to do it. The guy was killed immediately, but my dads heavy loaded lorry didnt stop before he hit one of the supporters for the bridge up ahead. His lorry was beyond recognition, but he was able to climb out. His back is still bad and he havent found himself a new job. He is still scared and shows it by mostly yelling at me, or crying.

    Being a 19 year old girl, that isnt easy. He isnt the dad I used to know. The spark he onced had in his eyes are mostly gone. But after reading your and Mindys story, I know that we cant give up the fight. Im not religious, but something was watching over us that day. And over you and your family.

    Sorry, this got too long.. but I just wanted to say thanks to the both of you. For sharing your experiences and giving hope to others.

    Kind regards,
    Ida Pedersen

  23. Oooh yeah, I heard that one about the acid for blood. Haha
    IM SO GLAD YOU BLOG Iv just discovered it too, its becoming writing practice for uni next year. :)
    Josie x